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Proxy Server

Before use a proxy server, there is no harm if we know why we need to use it. A proxy server is used as an intermediary for data from browsers to sites on the internet. There are many advantages to using a proxy server, both for users & organizations that offer Internet access to users. In general, proxy servers are used to enhance performance, increase security, hide the activities of others.

When access to certain websites blocked, using a proxy server on the Internet allows users to regain access by contacting the proxy server as an intermediary that is not subject to blocking.

Most proxy servers and a large cache frequently accessed data. If the proxy server is located close to the user, the performance of the web browser will be much faster.

Network of educational, government and many companies restrict access to the internet by filtering unwanted material and websites. In many cases, the user account is required to access the Internet through a proxy server to prevent unauthorized users accessing the network.

Web users who do not want their activities tracked by websites using an anonymizing proxy servers to hide their IP addresses from accessing their sites.

A reverse proxy server on the website can take requests from the Internet in an insecure network sites and pass the request to the server on the network secure website. This is done to enhance security for internal servers website.